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Pokolbon Winery

Pokolbin Winery
Pokolbine Winery

Concept Design

The building is conceived as an inhabitable topography that mimics the form and life pattern of the grapes. It defines the threshold between agriculture and architecture. The building is to infuse with the landscape. Half submerged into the ground it gives a sense of place and being. It defines the culture of the site and life pattern of the grapes – how to become immortalised through picking, processing and aging, 


The building is to engage with its inhabitants both visually and physically. It encourages its inhabitants to explore its room, walk on the roof top, and walk in out and around the building. The building is to provoke the feeling of power, inquisitiveness and interest of wine making and wine culture. 

Pokolbin Winery


Sustainable Design | Public | Residential | Commercial

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