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Heritage Revitalised

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Working With Heritage

The existing 2 bedroom house was dark with very small spaces in a heritage conservation area. The existing kitchen living and dining had no connection to the outdoor living spaces. 

The aim was to achieve a first floor addition to in a heritage conversation site and allow for better lighting, insulation and cross ventilation to the house. The requirements by council was that new first floor extension cannot be seen from the primary streetscape. 


The new design allowed for a new Master bedroom and ensuite on the First floor. We re - arranged the Ground floor spaces allowing for 2 bedrooms, an open living, dining and kitchen space. By re levelling the garden we were able to connect the kitchen to the outdoor space. The new design allowed the entire house to look and feel more spacious with an abundance of natural light. The new arrangement also allowed each room to cross ventilate. The new configuration allowed each room to cool down in summer naturally without the overuse of air conditioning. 



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Inquire - How To Start?

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To find out more on how to get started on your project, or understand what you can achieve on your site, and your budget we can send you a free process booklet which outlines all the consultants required for your project and expected timelines. 

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