Jodie Dang graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture. Jodie started her career in London working for Bailey Garner where she gained experience in housing, education, aged care, as well as in regeneration and mixed use. Upon her return to Sydney, Jodie followed her passion in residential architecture and worked with renown architects such as Bernard Teh Howell, and BKH designing predominately in the Eastern and Northern Suburbs. 


After 10 years of experience, and with the help of her former mentor - Bernard, together they paved the way for her going out on her own and forming Jodie Dang Architects. Jodie knew that sustainability was going to play a major part in the roles and projects she pursued. Focusing on small to medium sized projects, she gained strong reputation in good sustainable design in New South Wales. Currently based in the inner west, Jodie has a strong knowledge of heritage conservation constraints and opportunities in a variety of projects ranging from residential, commercial and community projects.

Jodie believes that good design is responsive to the sustainability of the community. The aim is to create beautiful inspiring spaces, which strive towards passive heating and cooling for your project.

Registered Architect with Australian Institute of Architects. Registered number 9943. 


Sustainable Design | Public | Residential | Commercial

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To find out more on how to get started on your project, or understand what you can achieve on your site, and your budget we can send you a free process booklet which outlines all the consultants required for your project and expected timelines. 

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